Convert Existing MS Access to Web

convert existing Microsoft Access software to the latest generation web applications usable at office or while travelling

business connected to world

Web application connected to the world

A web application can connect to people in the office; to those travelling or working from home;

Northwind suppilers

Northwind suppliers

and to selected clients and suppliers. The choice is yours with a comprehensive security system in place to protect your information.

⊕ Do you have a maze of essential MS Access desktop applications that need updating?

⊕ Are you unable to access or share them at home or interstate or at the airport?

⊕ Want to remove the licencing fees of MS Access?

AMC can turn your valuable desktop applications into even better ones on the web with today’s latest development tools. Keep all your existing benefits and  add more - robustness, accessibility, and security.

You can keep the data in MS Access or, preferably, move to an industry-standard database like Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. User access will be controlled by a comprehensive security system that was difficult (and rarely done) in MS Access.

Importantly, your replacement web application will be accessible from any computer or mobile device that has a web browser.

And, finally, we give you the full support needed to make this transition as painless as possible.


Alex McCullie

AMC designers & developers

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