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AMC uses the latest PHP & ASP.Net tools to build small, medium, and even larger scale robust web back-office solutions

business back-office solutions

back office solutions

Windows PCs, Apple computers, desktops, laptops, and tablets all connected to do business processing

Modern Web Applications to Manage Back Office Processing

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AMC uses the latest PHP & ASP.Net tools to build web applications to automate your back office business processing. The development speed is quite remarkable in creating reliable applications for data entry and reporting and business charting. Typically we build systems for sales and order processing, human resources management, and stock control with data access, all protected by multilevel security.

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You get…

Firstly, a series of modern easy-to-use data entry screens to manage your back office processing needs.

Secondly, we include a multilayer menu system for easy and logical access to the web screens.

The whole application is wrapped in a sophisticated security system to allow selected access by users to different parts of the application.

The applications are accessible from any desktop, laptop, and tablet able to run a common web browser.

Film edit screen

Film edit screen in ASP.Net

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