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How good is your website?

Most of us overestimate the effect of just having a website.

examining website design

examining website design

Your website should the hub of your social marketing efforts and be actively engaging with your target audience.

So how does your site shape up? Here are some simple top-level questions to ask about your website design and its capability to connect with your consumers.


  1. Do you have relevant content?
  2. Is your content actively maintained?
  3. Is it very easy for users to access the information they most want?
  4. Does your site work well on iPhone or Samsung or any other mobile device?
  5. Does your site load under five seconds, preferably closer to three?
  6. Does your website feed your social media sites as well as use as source of traffic?
  7. Are you measuring and reviewing your site traffic?
  8. Is your website secure from Internet attacks and from hardware failure?

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What is a web application?

Web application usually captures one or more business processes in a series of web pages.

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These pages are created dynamically from stored data. You would expect to see sales and order processing, human resource management, stock control, and financial processing as typical web applications.

A web application often has web pages grids of data and data entry screens for displaying and updating information. Usually there is a menu system of many levels controlled by a comprehensive security system. Information is stored in a database behind the scenes. Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL are popular examples.

Today web applications have replaced many MS Access applications inside companies.

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