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Modern JavaScript - Objects & Classes

Custom Web Applications

We use Scriptcase & PHPRunner to build solid world-class web applications within budget and to time. Software supported: MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite as well as latest Javascript tools.

Recent projects: Courier system for major hospital, Human Resource management, Counselling case management systems, Pathology Test Collection Methods online (St Vincent's Pathology Test Collection Manual), and Site management.

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Desktop Software & MS Access Support

Demand for quality desktop solutions is still vital for business. We use the latest cross-platform tools to build attractive, reliable solutions.

Also MS Access continues to assist with data management for many departments but often needs upgrading to meet modern needs. We can help clients with that. Recently we integrated an established MS Access application with MS Word and Outlook replacing the mailing of monthly financial statements with regular emailing. This update reduced many working hours per month and ever-increasing mailing costs.

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Data Manipulation & Conversion

All too often we need to transfer data from one source to another. It could be to export data from your finance system to a visual display system like Tableau.

We can help extract, shape, and convert data from one format to another - even from 'messy' sources. Solutions can be a system run routinely, which clients can manage, or as once-offs.

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Our Services

We provide a range of customised software services to help small & medium size businesses prosper in a competitive world.

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Custom Web Software

Custom web solutions will consolidate and analyse your important data, securely but easily accessible by authorised users. Vital information is no longer confined to the desktop.

  • Important data available on demand
  • Secured to authorised use
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs

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Desktop Solutions

Desktop software still provides vital solutions for business with its high speed, guaranteed connectivity, and easy sharing with Outlook and Excel. DocWriter Pro is a recent example of a custom application for the medical profession.

  • Very high security
  • Easy sharing with Microsoft Office
  • High performance

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MS Access Support

MS Access has been a very successful tool for managing business data. However many custom applications need updating to use the latest features or upgrading to a more powerful solution.

We provide updating and upgrading services. As an example, we recently changed a monthly financial statement from manual mailing to automatic emailing to save many hours of work and postal costs.

  • Improve productivity with latest features
  • Offer better data security
  • Correct badly running configurations

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Data Manipulation & Conversion

Businesses often have multiple systems that need to share data. We can provide the tools to reshape data from one source to import into another. Moving data from MS Access or Excel to MySQL is a common need.

  • Regular transfer or once-off conversion
  • Data matching seeking differences
  • On-going client management

Comments From Clients

Here are a selection of recent comments.

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When I worked at Court Network, Alex was employed as a consultant to develop our new database for collecting statistics. Alex has excellent technical ability and is also a good communicator. I enjoyed working with Alex as he was great at translating the technical parts of the project in to layman's terms, and approached the work with enthusiasm and belief.

— Claire Blau

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We have worked with Alex on a number of projects and have always been very pleased with Alex's work. His input to our business has been invaluable. Nothing is too much trouble and Alex is so responsive. A great consultant and an important asset to our business.

— Jayson Frazer, General Manager at The Incentive Lab

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Alex was contracted by me to develop three related software projects on weed management for the Australian nursery industry. Alex customised an MS Access application for NGIA; converted that application to a full-scale web-based system; and created a consumer web-site to access the weed data. Alex delivered all three software projects to my satisfaction. During the development Alex was highly engaged, responsive to the project needs and a pleasure to work with. The software developed by Alex has been well received by stakeholders which is a testament to Alex's capabilities.

— Anthony Kachenko, Horticulture Innovation

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Alex is a very professional, experienced, highly skilled IT consultant. He specializes in programming complex business rules and models. He is totally reliable and provides exceptional support for any systems he implements.

— Nick Capes, formally Executive Director, Walt Disney Australia

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Alex consulted to Leighton Contractors over a 10 yer period and consistently provided the organisation with database software solutions that enabled us to automate and capture important data. These proved overtime to be cost effective and an asset to the administration process. We all know that system upgrades and enhancements can at times become expensive, time consuming and ultimately not provide the business with a solution. I highly recommend Alex for any of your back office solutions and Web design requirements.

— John Bartolotta

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I have worked with Alex for over 15 years. Alex is an experienced, diligent and thorough Programmer who through his expertise in Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and ASP.NET has developed and implemented a number of software solutions which have been extremely beneficial to our business providing efficiencies and important information to assist in business decision making. Alex has the ability to build and develop good working relationships with end users and understanding the business requirements across Sales, Marketing and Finance. I would have no hesitation recommending Alex to provide business software solutions.

— Rod Ansell, formally Finance Director, Walt Disney Studios Australia


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