Get more customers - a special fully-supported website + hosting offer for small business to maximise Internet visibility - quickly and inexpensively. We offer a customised modern website that enables small businesses to engage with clients & potential clients on phones, tablets & desktops.

Special Offer: No-Fuss Responsive* Website + Hosting Offer to Small Business

*Responsive website means giving you an easy-to-use attractive website on all devices for maximum Internet visibility.

 Success for all businesses means engaging with consumers wherever they are - on iPhones, Samsungs, all smart phones, tablets, and all desktops. We offer a fully-managed customized website so you can deliver your messages to clients and potential clients wherever they are. We shall manage the complexities of the background technology, so you can concentrate on what you do best.special offer
So let’s be specific. This special offer suits all small businesses, micro and solo businesses, and self-employed professionals. You get a site like for $950 (AUD) for the customised site and 12 months of hosting.

Out of the box you receive a fully-developed responsive web application plus valet hosting for 12 months for $950AUD one-off payment that will:
  • Highlight yourself and your services in modern website that is attractive on mobiles, tablets, and desktops
  • Display your logo and contact details on every screen with a custom image on the opening page
  • Promote your unique propositions or offerings, services, testimonials, and recent work or projects in your own words. We can assist with wording that Google likes.
  • Display latest news about yourself, your organisation, and your industry. You can enter new stories online or even via email as frequently as you wish.
  • Provide your contact information supported by a Google map
  • Contact form for potential clients to ask questions or alternatively provide a form for consumer subscription to your mailing lists.
  • 12 months of professionally managed valet hosting of your website. During that time we seek to be a trusted partner, giving advice on improving your site or highlighting issues to be addressed.
  • Provide you access to your site content on a 24/7 basis

All the content is yours to change throughout the 12 months period. After the hosting period you can stay with us or move the site contents to a hoster of your choice.

All these features are contained within your customised version of latest responsive website with top and bottom navigation menus and an attractive sidebar navigation great for mobile use. See our site ( as a guide to the style and content of a site with this offer. Remember your site will be customised to suit your needs with your words, logo, and colours.

At a more technical level, your website will be optimised for Google searching; be secured against Internet attacks; use caching for increased display performance; and provide daily off-site site backups for physical protection. We worry about those things for you.

And, perhaps best of all your website will be fully expandable to meet future needs without compromising your opening screen message. Later you can add portfolios of projects, art works, and photographs & videos. Events calendars are useful and of course eCommerce for on-line ordering.



Developing and 12 months valet hosting of your website: $950. That’s it. Check out our site as an example site.

These solutions suit smaller businesses rather than higher volume sites. Tell us your needs and we can advise on the best way forward and whether our services are appropriate.

Written by: Alex McCullie

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