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Attention-Grabbing Websites

Your business or professional mobile & desktop website needs to be noticed. Attractive layout is important but only part of the story. We ensure your new site delivers your message over and over again and, importantly, is picked up by the web search engines like Google. But here’s the big deal. You control the content, whenever you want.

Are you a small business? Then many of our services are just for you (see our related services).

Rock-Solid Business Applications

Success comes from focusing on the core business. Our custom applications are purpose-built to support your work & success. We regularly impact business success by converting and consolidating existing MS Access and MS Excel applications to the latest web technologies. Speaking of technologies, we work with latest web design tools and databases and have done so for more than 10 years.

Top-Quality Software Support

We measure success by the on-going value of the websites and applications developed for you. Some situations require close support and others less so. Either way we see our relationship with you as on-going and supportive.

Best Software Tools

We work with the latest tools to deliver high-quality websites and applications in the quickest possible time –  saving you time & money. WordPress provides an excellent framework for modern websites (like this site), where owners want control over the content. In the ASP.Net world we use Ironspeed Designer and ASPRunner.Net, two excellent rapid development tools. PHPRunner and PHPMaker are two top tools in PHP, the most popular web programming environment today. We regularly work with MS SQL Server and MySQL.

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