Modern Websites for Small Business

small business owners need to market through a vibrant Internet presence as all businesses do

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Modern Websites for Mobile Phones & Desktops

We offer effective, directed services scaled for small businesses like you. You get a modern attractive website that easily adapts to iPhone, Android, iPad, and all desktops without compromises. Your site can be linked to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites for maximum exposure. Most importantly, we appreciate you, as small business owners, don’t have large IT departments, We provide all the support necessary.


special offerWant a quick painless way of doing this. Then check our special offer - a website starter pack for small business.

You get…

Firstly, fast loading main page (landing page) that is Google friendly with the essential information for your consumers and clients.

  • simple, dynamic statement of your services and point of difference
  • summary of core services & products
  • testimonials (if applicable)
  • contact information - location(s), business hours
  • regularly updated news (opportunity for you to talk directly to consumers and clients)

Secondly, we also put you into the ‘big’ league by assisting you to link your website to social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. Post a news item to your website and it’s automatically posted to your other social media sites. Benefit: maximum exposure!

It doesn’t stop there. You can email your news updates to your website instead of being forced to access directly as the administrator. Great for sending updates from your phone!

And, finally, you can have a series of spin-off pages with further details, as your need grows without losing your message on the main page

Alex McCullie

consultant, AMC designers & developers

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