Rosetta Code – Comparing Programming Languages via Common Tasks

So what is Rosetta Code? You know at least one programming language, say Python, and you come across another like Ring (Ring at Source Forge). In cases like this you want to compare the “how to” of a familiar task, and that’s exactly what Rosetta Code does for you.

What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Code lists many programming tasks – some common and others much rarer. You can pick one that’s familiar and then scroll through looking at different coding solutions for each language. These samples are submitted by users. Each language is linked to a simple page describing the language and usually with an official home page. I should note that not all languages are represented on each task (typically the most common only).

Rosetta Stone for Learning

As well as simply reading the code, I use these samples as a great way of learning a new language.  Here are the images of comparing Python and Ring code samples in reading a text file line by line.


My only criticism is the inconvenience of display coding samples of one language only. You can list the languages to pick one. That’s great so far. You can then choose a task for that language, but Rosetta Stone then displays all solutions from other languages as well. I’d prefer an option of displaying all solutions for one language only. This would be great for learning. If some one knows how, please tell.

In future blogs I’ll use Rosetta Code regularly to explore alternate languages: it’s a fabulous resource. In the meantime have fun exploring this wonderful site.


Rosetta - display tasks menu
1. Display tasks menu
Rosetta - finding a task
2. Find a task
Rosetta - displaying Python code
3. Display Python code
Rosetta - displaying Ring code
4. Display Ring Code

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